Welcome to the new and improved Annals of Annabelle


For those of you who followed the original Annals, this is the next stage of the journey of Annabelle, the aspiring writer, and will be more strongly focused on my struggles up the ladder of creativity, writing wise.  To date the rungs have been somewhat randomly spaced, a few have even been attacked by white ants and crumbled to dust beneath my feet.  What am I talking about?  Rungs!!!  It’s more like a sheer bloody cliff face.  However persistence is the key and not to be daunted I will forge ever onwards, hopefully with a discernibly upward trajectory.

Vicissitudes are the name of the game in the writer’s life (plus it’s a nice show-offy word to use unless you have a lisp), and we are told each and every writer suffers them.  I have my own opinions on that, I mean look at some of the trash that soars effortlessly to the heights of fame on nothing but tawdry titillation (shades of green on my part you may rightly guess).  Nevertheless, it was heartening to hear at a recent conference from no less a literary lion than Helen Garner, that even she feels assailed by self-doubt and the conviction that she’s kidding herself each time she starts a new project, despite her masses of credentials to the contrary.  She could teach our politicians a thing or two, such as hubris comes before humiliation, and not only in the dictionary.

So hang in there with me, if you will.  Supporters and cheerers-on are greatly appreciated in this precarious clamber.  Any kind of climbing, except maybe the social, is a solitary activity and encouraging company is welcomed.  As indeed are comments … even more so.  Please let me know you’re out there …. somewhere ….. anywhere!!!

About annegreen2013

I'm a freelance writer passionate about all things culinary and literary, especially South Australian food and wine, food writing, ethical eating, animal welfare, healthy eating, nutrition and food sustainability
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1 Response to Welcome to the new and improved Annals of Annabelle

  1. Hi Anne,
    I’m loving your All New Annals, especially the focus on books, reading and writing. Your insights on these topics are always interesting and worthwhile, and often amusingly delivered. Great new background too; I’d love to snuggle up with a good book in that library chair. I laughed out loud at some of the quotations you found – every writer will identify!
    Keep the good stuff coming : )

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