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Bitterly Dreary – aka Literary Theory

I found the image above when I was doing a bit of obsessive-compulsive boning up for my forthcoming final (thank the god of philosophers) subject for my MA in Creative Writing, which starts tomorrow.  It about sums up what I anticipate … Continue reading

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Adelaide Writers’ Week

For both writers and readers, attending Adelaide Writers’ Week is a treat not to be missed.  For an Adelaide writer (like me), attending is pretty much obligatory.  As both Writers’ Week and I (me?) have been around in Adelaide since the sixties, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – wherefore art thou?

Valentine’s Day seems to be copping a bad rap these days, at least in some circles. As an example, I work in an organization of two hundred odd people, whose ages cover the spectrum from young recent graduates to semi-retirees … Continue reading

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Back on the Bike

Someone once said you never forget how to ride a bike.  Whoever that was, they didn’t know me.  Although as a kid I rode far and wide, for days at a time, unencumbered by a helmet, let alone a mobile … Continue reading

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Judgement Day

OK, so hardly of the biblical proportions of the above, but nevertheless significant (at least to me), I finally received my examiners’ reports back on my Masters Creative Writing thesis (some 7 weeks after having submitted it). Despite the somewhat … Continue reading

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I wish I’d said it

At the recent Nonfictionow 2012 Conference I attended in Melbourne, a well known American writer, David Shields, used this quotation in his presentation.  He was attempting to illustrate his purpose in writing his book “Reality Hunger:  A Manifesto”, a bestselling … Continue reading

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