About Me

My very first book (and my namesake)

My very first book (and my namesake)

I’ve never been sure whether to refer to myself as an “emerging” or “aspiring” writer.  “Emerging” suggests being on the brink of a stellar career, hovering half-concealed behind the curtain, awaiting the cue to spring forth into the spotlight to the sound of rapturous applause.  I don’t think that’s me.  “Aspiring” on the other hand carries some element of wishful thinking; hoping, yearning, desiring, but not necessarily acting or achieving.

Neither of those descriptions are quite right for me.  I’ve been writing for several years, both fiction and non-fiction, my publication credentials are slender to date, but I’m working on fattening them up, and I’ve almost completed a Masters of Creative Writing at Macquarie University.

My fiction writing has so far been in the form of short stories, excerpts from which I will include on this blog.  I’ve recently discovered a love for writing nonfiction and am keen to find outlets for my articles (which will also be on the blog) on a wide range of subjects.

I’ve been a passionate and voracious reader since my grandmother presented me with “Anne of Green Gables“* at the age of one.  I’d like to say I read it cover to cover immediately, but it was a bit heavy for my baby hands so I had to wait.  So there’ll be lots about books on here as well; what I’m reading, want to read, what’s good and what’s not.  If I figure out how to do it, a reading log even.

Speaking of “Anne of GG”, WordPress very helpfully gave me a link when I was writing this to a book called “Looking for Anne: how Lucy Maud Montgomery dreamed up a literary classic” written by Irene Gammell.  It’s an investigation of the conception of this red-headed orphan who became so beloved a heroine of girls the world over.  That one had better go on the “to read list”.

The best definition I can come up with for a writer is “inspirational”, so if you’re interested, I’d love to take you along with me on my quest to become one of those kinds of writers.

*As my married name is now “Anne Green”, grandma must have been a bit psychic I think.  And of course, like my namesake, I believe in the infinite powers of the imagination, and what’s more, I’m an Anne with an “e”.

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  1. Nina Telford says:

    Not a blogger, twitter or face book freak, so I am not sure if I doing the right thing just to make a reply.
    Very impressed and proud of your achievement. Love Nina.
    PS hope I click the right icon!.

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